What is a Parole Hearing?

Parole hearings in California are held for inmates serving life with the possibility of parole sentences and some determinate sentenced(set length of time; certain criteria apply)inmates.We have developed a booklet to help walk you through preparing to participate in a parole hearing and a booklet that is dedicated solely to your rights as a victim participating in a parole hearing.These booklets are available on this website or you may call us at 916-273-3603 to request that one be mailed to you.

How we can help you through the parole hearing process?

I-CAN is the only non-profit in the State of California that regularly supports victims through the parole hearing process.I-CAN advocates can assist you in preparing to attend a hearing including making sure you are registered to attend, helping develop your impact statement-how to get your message across most effectively, provide information about the parole hearing process, attend with you, attend for you (only if designated as a representative), provide emotional support/counseling, help with post parole hearing follow up, help in ensuring your rights are upheld throughout the process and much more.

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“Parole Hearings: A Guide for Victims”

Guides readers through the lifer parole hearing process by providing tips on how to dress, what to bring to the hearing, how to write an impact statement and how to be most effective when addressing the Parole Commissioners.  Deputy District Attorneys that participate in lifer parole hearings on a regular basis, and other experts in the parole hearing process, contributed to this booklet to make it the most comprehensive of its kind.at.

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“Know Your Rights”

Victims’ rights in the parole hearing process can be confusing. We have provided the legal definition of victim as it pertains to rights at a parole hearing, summarized the victim’s rights, family member rights and the difference between a support person and a representative and who can be designated as such.

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