“My family has had the unfortunate experience of attending parole hearings for our mother’s killer since 1981. We have been all over the state of California, following him, wherever he is at the time of his subsequent hearing to ensure the parole board knows there is widespread opposition to his release. These hearings are never easy and furthermore, we are re-victimized each time, having to recall horrific memories and speaking about our personal trauma that his actions have caused. But we were not alone. I-Can has been there for us to guide us through the process, educate us about our rights as victims, and fighting for us when our rights were not being observed. Christine Ward has been the advocate we have continually worked with. She has been a rock for us when we were feeling helpless in regards to when we were denied certain rights at one of the recent hearings. Chris alerted the appropriate authorities, rectified the situation, and has made sure the same issues have not arisen with any other victims. She and her team know Victims’ Rights inside and out and use their voice to make sure the Victims’ voice is heard loud and clear. There is no way we would ever want to go into any hearings without this organization.”

– Rene

“The Crime Victims Assistance Network (I-CAN) has provided assistance to our family twice in the past 8 years, 2016 and 2019. The I-CAN representatives who attended the parole hearings with us were so helpful, caring and compassionate throughout the entire process. They coached us about the process, reviewed our impact statements and attended the parole hearings with us. Thus, helping us reduce the anxiety level created by attending a parole hearing. The results of the two parole hearings were positive for our family as the commissioners denied the inmate’s release. We couldn’t have achieved these results without the assistance of I-CAN representatives. Our journey with the prison system is not over as we have another parole hearing approaching and we will definitely be reaching out to I-CAN for assistance. We are so thankful and grateful to I-CAN.

– Marisela

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