I-CAN provides counseling and therapy services to victims of violent crime. Additionally, our therapist is bilingual in Spanish to assist Spanish speaking victims. (Assessment and eligibility guidelines apply)

Trauma from the aftermath of crime looks different for everyone. Some people may be able to find the help and support they need through their friends, family, place of worship, etc. Others may need or want more support in the form of therapy or counseling services. At I-CAN we provide comprehensive services to victims of violent crime. Our emotional support services range from crisis intervention services to therapy.

It does not matter how long ago the crime occurred in order to qualify for our services. In order to find out if our program fits your needs we will do an initial telephone assessment. From there you will either be invited to meet with a counselor at our office or if what you need lies outside our services, we will help by providing you with resources to other programs that may better suit your needs.

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I-CAN provides victims/survivors emotional support, information, resources and referrals.
We are here to listen, to support and assist. Our services are free of charge.

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