Parole Hearing Support and Accompaniment

I-CAN can assist victims/survivors to register with CDCR victim services to attend a parole hearing.

We are able to help with developing an impact statement, provide information about the process and provide accompaniment, advocacy and support at the hearing. I-CAN is also able to assist with post hearing support from providing information on what comes next to helping with Governor appeals if the outcome is a grant of parole.

We provide support to victims, survivors and family members whether in opposition or support of release,  Our purpose is to help you better understand the parole hearing process, lesson some of the stress leading up to the parole hearing and to provide as much information and support as we can.

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I-CAN provides victims/survivors emotional support, information, resources and referrals.
We are here to listen, to support and assist. Our services are free of charge.

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