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Parole Hearings: What to Expect

Attend a Parole Hearing

Learn about the entire parole hearing process for crime victims in California.

What is a Parole Hearing

Who is Eligible for a Parole Hearing?

Who Can Attend a Parole Hearing?

Elder Parole

Youth Parole

Medical Parole

Parole Hearing Outcomes

Victims Rights at Parole Hearings

Help for Victims at Parole Hearings

I-CAN: Survivor Stories

Frank Carlson Murder: Brother Eric Carlson California parole board hearing statement

A Survivor’s Story: Donna Culwell

I-CAN: Public Service Announcements

“This Isn’t Love”

“You’re Not Alone”

“My Sister’s House”

“Crime Victims Assistance Network Commercial”

“Living in Fear”

“Parole Hearing Help”

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