I-CAN strives to provide the most comprehensive services to victims of violent crime by including our network of service providers throughout the State of California and beyond, to surround victims/survivors with as much community support as is available. We are the only agency of our kind and believe that services for victims should be victim centered, focused, and driven. Our program is completely reliant on private donations and grant funding when available. Your donation will help us to continue our programs and provide vital services to victims of violent crime.

Your support will help us with the following programs:

Parole Hearing Victim Support program:

This one-of-a-kind program offers support and advocacy to victims attending parole hearings in the state of California. I-CAN provides accurate and timely information to help victims prepare for parole hearings and will advocate for their rights during parole hearings and after.

Victim Support Programs:

Victim Support Programs include individual and group support for victims of violent crime, their family members, and friends. Additionally, referrals to mental health providers specializing in trauma victim support services.


Advocacy with other social service and government programs to help ensure that victims receive the support and services available to them. Through our advocacy efforts we work to ensure victim rights are protected through all stages of the criminal justice process.

Assistance applying for Victim Compensation funds:

We assist those victimized in California with apply for funds through the Victims Compensation Board. This includes assisting with the application process as well as advocating with the agency for assistance if necessary.

Resource and Referral program:

We provid resources and referrals to other programs in California that can provide additional support services to victims of crime in their communities.


We provide educational presentations to other service providers and government agencies on issues related to victims of violent crime, the parole hearing process and how to effectively support and advocate for trauma survivors after victimization.

Volunteer Program:

Volunteers are an essential part of our program and are utilized to help provide outreach,
education, and direct services to victims of violent crime.

Our services are available to all victims of violent crime throughout the State of California

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